Service Agreement Compliance Certification

We also found that performance criteria were inconsistent in different organizations with the same service activity. Regardless of the funding agreement, clients who receive services deserve the same level of security in terms of the quality and accessibility of this service. In this audit, we assessed whether DHHS has sufficient capacity to manage service contracts to ensure that funded organizations provide clients with agreed health and wellness support and outcomes. Typical examples of output performance in service contracts are: DHHS` service responsibilities are immense and include: The HHS (Organization Foundation) vonDHHS Organisational Performance Monitoring Framework provides HHS employees with the process to assess compliance with service agreement requirements by funded organizations and to address identified risks and underperformance. Figure E4 Question 4: Is there a doubling of the reporting of service agreements and data that your organization must provide to DHHS? On the other hand, the way in which performance indicators and activity reporting requirements in service contracts are linked to the DHHS strategic plan and the DHHS results framework is less clear. Performance indicators in service agreements almost exclusively reflect results and do not show the extent to which organizations achieve DHHS results. The service agreements also do not explicitly mention DHHS` strategic plan or DHHS` results framework. Mandatory performance measures were not always included in the 12 service contracts we audited. For example, Schedule 4.1 of the Funding Guidelines and Guidelines lists the „number of hours of service (made available to clients)“ as a mandatory delivery measure for voluntary home care and group care (HACC) coordination activities.

However, our review of three service agreements providing HACC services showed that the only performance indicator for this activity is the „number of hours of coordination time,“ which is a non-compulsory measure. The mandatory measure is omitted in each of the three agreements. Figure 2C Example of deviation of performance parameters in different documents and service agreement systems – Family Violence Support Services Activity „Reporting is program-driven, so clients who receive multiple agency services must make their client data available to each service provider multiple times and then entered separate program databases.“ Figure B1 Performance Standards set out in DHHS Service Agreements Appendix B outlines the key areas of the service agreement that define performance standards. We found that the conditions verification mechanisms for DHHS service agreements were robust. However, DHHS is not assured that its changes to service agreements will be dealt with in accordance with these mechanisms. The internal report of the restructuring review to assess the organizational reorganization of the service agreement management function highlighted an increased need for training. The exceptions for the various FOPMF requirements are not clear. As a result, it is difficult to ensure that exemptions are applied as intended, particularly when an organization is funded for several services for which exceptions may or may not be applicable.

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